Web Design – HTML5 & CSS3 for Beginners (step-by-step from scratch)


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Learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to bring a HTML website to life.  Learn HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals as you build two websites in this introductory course to web development.

Starting with how to plan out your website, including a header, navigation bar, content area and footer I’ll show you all the techniques used to create a website .

Next setup your HTML to match with all the main container sections of your web design.  Create a basic HTML template that can be used and reused on multiple projects.  Then learn how to jazz up your HTML with CSS.  Section by section this course will show you how to create a real world website.  Then tweak and update the code as needed to customize and make the site perform.   Finalize the code by checking the output on different screen sizes adding in and adjusting the CSS to create responsiveness.

Topics for this course

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HTML Fundamentals?

Introduction Head & Title Body & Self Closing Tags Headings Paragraphs & Spans How to use DIVs HTML Hierarchy HTML Links List (UL & OL) Images & Video Tables Error handling
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Introduction to CSS?

Introduction Getting Started with CSS How to use CSS CSS Syntax & Element Name Selector Class Selector ID Selector


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About the instructor

Social Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and, founder of Ummah Education Foundation, Ummah Technology, Muslim Hackathon & Alfa Infotech. Azam holds a master degree in computer sciences with 18+ years of IT experience. And he has worked at large organizations like AT&T, Amazon, Samsung & Harvard University. He runs more than a dozen websites & mobile apps of his own. He has served as an IT advisory board for various non-profit organizations.
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Target Audience

  • This course for Beginners , so you don't need to have any backgrounds in any fields , this is the Very first step to Join The Web Development World!